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Who is your Other Mother?

Do you know an extraordinary woman? Someone who has inspired you or been there for you? Have you ever told her that she's awesome? This year Lovepop wants to honor your OTHER MOTHER.

Tell us who your Other Mother is and we may feature her story!

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Warm & Welcoming

I know that many people don't have great relationships with their in laws, but I've been blessed with some pretty great ones. You see, when my husband and I were first engaged and married, there were a lot of people in our lives that didn't approve. They felt we were jumping in too quickly and didn't know each other well enough- after all, we hadn't met in person but a few weeks before becoming engaged and just months before being married. Still, from the beginning, my MIL welcomed me into the family with open arms. She accepted me as one...

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Nanas Make the World Happier

My Nana is 89 years old. She has been an important part of my life for 30 years. During high school, I even lived with her for awhile and she always made sure I received lots of love, a homecooked healthy breakfast in the morning, and made my friends feel comfortable at her house. She knew how much I wanted a family of my own one day and she was so happy when she got to meet my first baby (he was 3 months old) and my second baby (he was 1). She loves my husband and although she hasn't...

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Powerful, Beautiful, Motivating, Hardworking

Christine has not only taken on the responsibility of being by cousin but has taken on the role of raising me as her own child since I was in middle school. She has supported me through some of the hardest moments of my life and has pushed me to not only graduate highschool, graduate college, but has believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. Her dedication to her work, love for her family, and love for her children my little sister and I are what I admire most about her. Although growing up has been tough for me,...

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Lover and a fighter

I nominated my aunt Margie. She was there at my birth, and has been watching out for me ever since. She has done everything from raising me, teaching me to cook, giving advice, and keeping my chin up during the rough patches in life. All while going through her own battle with breast cancer. The cancer may have taken some if her body, but she never let it take her caring spirit, good nature, or sense of humor. She truly is the mother I always wanted, and needed. I tell her every day how much I love her, but she'll...

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God sends us the Angel that we will need in life !

It all began when I accepted a new position as the HR Manager of a law firm when I was 24. On my first day I met Betty, my secretary. Betty was a single Mom of three active boys. She was about 18 years older than me, absolutely stunning, with a personality that I immediately fell in love with. Betty was pretty much keeping a roof over the boys head, caring for them, getting them to soccer practice, struggling financially, but you would never know it. She smiled and was upbeat every day! I came from an alcoholic home and...

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