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Behind the scenes of our 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' collection

Posted by Lovepop Team on

Behold! Engineers worked together to bring Jurassic World dinosaurs to life.

Only this time, instead of dinosaur DNA, we used the art of sliceform kirigami.

Our new Jurassic World collection celebrates the release of Universal Pictures’ Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in theatres June 22nd. It’s the second film in the exhilarating franchise, focused on Owen Grady and Claire Dearing’s risky return to Isla Nublar with the goal of rescuing the beloved velociraptor, Blue, that Owen trained from birth.

The new designs feature three of the most memorable dinosaurs from the films — each with intricate laser-cut details and full vivid illustrations depicting some of Jurassic World's spell-binding environments.  

For us, it was a thrill and a privilege to pay homage to the dinosaurs we grew up knowing and loving. Illustrating their lush jungle homes, engineering our sculptures to perfectly pop from the page — teeth-bared, claws at-the-ready. As our designer, Patrick, puts it: "I grew up drawing dinosaurs. It’s awesome to be drawing dinosaurs for work."

We hope you'll love them. They're perfect for your kiddo, your BFF, or any Jurassic World fan in your life — young or old.
We can promise they won't bite. But we can't promise you won't want them all.

Jurassic World Raptor Blue

Patrick aimed to capture the moment when Owen comes face to face with Blue after several years apart. Her relationship with Owen, who he raised and trained her litter, fall center of the Jurassic World plot, making her a vital and beloved character among fans.

Jurassic World T.rex

“I wanted to push the envelope on what we’ve already done with the T.rex,” Patrick said. “It’s beefed up to look like it’s been eating.”

Jurassic World Pteranodon

The development of the Jurassic World Pteranodon was truly a team effort, with multiple designers tweaking Lovepop’s unique Dragon Fold technique to move in reverse — allowing the wings to span wide from behind as the creature prepares to take flight.


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