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The Lovepop Journal — posts tagged "Arbor Day"

7 simple ways to share love for the Earth

Posted by Lovepop Team on

At Lovepop, paper lies at the core of our business, so we are dedicated to doing our part to preserve the environment. All of our cards are 100% recyclable and we are continually striving to improve our impact with a commitment to sustainable forestry and supporting environmental initiatives. 

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A gift to Mother Nature: Lovepop's limited edition Triple Trees pack

Posted by Elizabeth Dobrska on

At Lovepop, we believe that the environment should be top of mind every day!

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Lovepop + Arbor Day Foundation

Posted by Tom Herer on

For the fourth year, Lovepop partners with the Arbor Day Foundation to help make our world cleaner and greener.Through our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, these forests can be replanted at the cost of $1 per tree. In the midst of wildfires, storms, disease, and drought millions of acres of trees in forests have been devastated around the country -- we want to help. Let’s build a forest together! For every Willow Tree design sold during the month of April, we will plant one tree in a national forest. Why does Lovepop care about Arbor Day?Paper is vital to...

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Arbor Day 2016

Posted by Aaron Happnie on

Arbor Day is a big deal here at Lovepop. As you can see from our core collection, trees inspire us -- and Arbor Day is a good reminder that we need to preserve and maintain them for the generations to come. Arbor Day has grown in popularity in recent years, and we're thankful for it. It is an excellent opportunity to recognize and reflect on the environmental and social impact trees have on our lives. First celebrated in 1872, Arbor Day began in Nebraska when the State Board of Agriculture wanted to plant more trees in the "treeless plain." J....

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What Type of Tree Are You?

Posted by 6 on

What type of tree are you? According to the ancient Celts, everyone has a birth tree, or a tree assigned to a specific range of days in a year. While we are definite supporters of "spirit animals", LovePop is currently celebrating our #LPGiveATree campaign, so we thought it would be fitting to find out our true "spirit trees". The Celts believed that trees were extremely spiritual and the closest a person could be connected to the environment and nature. Even today, we are in awe of the unusual size, beauty, and wide range of materials a tree can provide us....

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